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Here is workpage of battle for aggregator.

This group's task is to research, document, and implement existing video aggregation tools and possibly adapt or hack bits on to make them work for us, until we build our own system that does everything we need. There is likely to be some overlap with the metadata group as well as the drupal working group (who will actually be building specs and toold).

  • Co-ordinator : Saul saul at
  • Others: Boud

Aims of the project

Some of the initial specifications of the things we're looking for:

  • re-syndicating feeds compatible with Democracy player
  • capable of expressing and aggregating new metadata types (as suggested by the metadata working group)

Possible solutions

Drupal solution

In drupal there are 2 ways to agregate content:

  • via built in aggregator module. It provides basic functionality and is shiped with core drupal installation till few years ago. Possible to insert feeds, suck them and display among internal taxonomy. but minuses are:
    1. no possibility to search thru or comment separate feed items
    2. no way to archive feed items longer than preset time in setup.
    3. no way to respect categories, in witch content is published orginally on "mother websites".
  • via aggregator2 module, that is extended version of built in aggregator. it das the job but its more less outdated and last fully functional version is for 4.6 to be usable in transmission context, need to be recreated in a way cck works (because all modules will have to be "like cck" in 5.0 version).
    • Aggregator2 works pretty well these days, and should definitely be used over the normal aggregator module. The important thing to set up properly is the "Input Format". Nodes are filtered like normal input, so if you don't set this, almost all markup will be removed from the original feed. (Which may or may not be a good thing)
    • working implementation is cuckarnia - rss news reader for polish anarchy and activist scene with categories and long term archives.
    • another working implementation is channel guide from the foundation - slow but do the job well. There our software could go in first place !