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Day 1 6May09

  • 11am begin install ubuntu 8.04.1 Desktop
    • Major problems with install media. Couldn't install on designated computer - every CD tried crapped out, and couldn't boot from USB. Installed on a different computer; can move around later
    • 1pm Miscommunication about which machine we were installing on; now setting up on proper machine
    • Set up partitions with RAID1 and LVM
    • More miscommunication; thought that they had local repos of gutsy to intrepid, but they have gutsy and intrepid, not hardy. Using server CD for installing packages for now; will update at later date or once they sync the repo.
    • apt-get/synaptic install build-essential bind apache2 samba
  • 5:30 Finished; wrap up, go over tomorrows schedule

Day 2 7May09

  • 10am do some clean up and documentation on server, other play with individual plumi installs
  • 12pm begin on skinning/templates
    • Show ZMI and how to get to it via plone site and privileged user
    • Show portal_skins section of ZMI, explain important sections:
      • plone-images
      • plone-templates
      • plone-styles
      • plumi-icons
      • plumi-images
      • plumi-templates
      • plumi-styles
    • Show how to use firebug (or webdeveloper extension) to explore html and CSS, and how to find relevant file in ZMI to change it.
    • Show how to edit in-place in ZMI, or upload new file for editting elsewhere (e.g. in firebug)
    • Show how to put zope into CSS-debug mode: http://plumisite/portal_css/manage_cssForm (via ZMI, go to portal_css). Select 'Debug Mode' and save; this prevents zope from combining CSS files into one, making development easier - firebug can now show which CSS file to edit. Stress that debug should be disabled when skinning is complete.

Day 3 8May09

  • 10am no one here yet
  • 10:30 clean up tech documentation - go over with Combine what is already there, and see if they need more
  • 11:00 create local repository of software - added 'software' folder to root of Plumi site, and added software VLC and Handbrake for all platforms to that, with links to latest versions.
  • 11:30 some more skinning, show how to add extra products