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Initial Summary of Drupal coding

add a hook to the existing Atom Module

Making it so that any other module can alter the way that modules content is put into a feed.


Code hooks for standard enclosure and txfeed

Modules that could present enclosure information:

in order of suggested importance and predicted difficulty. For example at present Asset does not provide any RSS enclosure hooks either.

Document this code

So that it can be applied to custom module types other collectives have for their video metadata.

Implement extensions for the FeedAPI

Accept txfeeds (and other video enclosures) placing them in:

  • standard node body (with embeds)
  • Mediafield CCK
  • Torrent CCK
  • Video node
  • Asset

in order of suggested difficulty.

There is some work similar to this is in progress using the FeedAPI Element Mapper. As of the end of January it was able to map to text CCK fields as well as taxonomy terms out of the box, and is written with a hook so modules can extend it easily.

Drupal FeedAPI and FeedAPI_mapper notes