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Outline of the Transmission Drupal Video Documentation Sprint II

The idea is to continue the work of creating documents and help for doing Video in Drupal. The context of this gathering is to work on a website for a specific organisation and to use that process to help the documentation of it.

Call out

Join us on the 21st to the 23rd of May 2009 for and exciting sprint into the world of Drupal and Video. This event is a small physical meet up which hopefully will be supported by the Drupal world and the commmunity of open source documentation writers.

// Aims : The aims are bold but simple

Create great documentation to

  • Set up and Drupal site to do Video sharing and aggregation (using a peru project as a base)
  • Support moderators use such a site to input feeds and moderate content
  • Help for end users viewing and uploading video

// Scope: The area which are concentration on are

  • Creating a video content type using Embedded Media CCK
  • Transcoding uploaded video
  • Displaying your video contents using views and media players
  • Aggregating video content using Feed Api (and feed api mapper)
  • How to best syndicate your video content
  • How to moderate your video content effectively

// Method: How will we work?

We'll use the wiki of the Transmission network as a collaborative space for documenting our process. Then when we're agreed on the best way to explain the process we'll migrate the completed documentation to the Drupal website and also into the supercool Flossmanuals system.

We are asking members of the Drupal, Flossmanuals and Transmission network to get involved.

We'll allocate chapters or processes to you to write, or if you're confident you can just get stuck in completing chapters that you can see need writing.

Join us from 19:00 hrs 21st May - 17:00hrs 23rd May (all times GMT) on IRC irc.freenode.net #transmission.cc and #flossmanuals or just register and log into the Flossmanuals.net system and use the IRC chat there.

// What is a Documentation Sprint?

Documentation Sprints are an intensive working period with many writers collaborating over a fixed period of time. FLOSS Manuals is designing the technology and methodology to make these sprints effective and efficient short bursts of 3-5 days. Collaborators are in real space or working remotely and communicating by the FLOSS Manuals toolset and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). From http://en.flossmanuals.net/FLOSSManuals/BookSprints

  • Video on a previous Transmission drupal gathering (meeting in UK)


  • Video on Flossmanuals (meeting in Amsterdam)


Peru website project

Details of what will be needed.

The sprint is meant to support a small group of people in Lancaster to set up a site for an indigenous community project in the Peruvian Andes. The people of the "Potato Park" [1] have asked us to set up a (specifically Free Software) "knowledge base" for them, where they can document and share information about their medicinal plants, over 1000 native potato varieties, traditional songs, myths, agricultural practices, and cosmologies in a variety of digital formats - video, audio, images, texts. We want to experiment with Drupal and mediawiki by setting up two mock sites for them that they will then be able to test for usability.

Details of what we can do this weekend

This sprint has been invited to help us do some of the initial work. Even though there is a geek or two amongst us, we are new to Drupal, and happy to learn as much as possible over these two days.

Video Drupal Documentation

Existing documentation pages for Transmission and Drupal

Different Types of Docs

There are different types of help docs. The audiences need different things. Some developers might need short notes, however some novice Drupal developers might benefit from step-by-step instructions. Our aim is to try to provide useful documentation for Developers, end users and project workers / moderators.

We have seen the following

Developer docs

  • Creating a video content type using Embedded Media CCK
  • Transcoding uploaded video
  • Displaying your video contents using views and media players
  • Aggregating video content using Feed Api (and feed api mapper)
  • How to best syndicate your video content

User docs

  • Uploading your video to this site?
  • How do I encode for the Internet?
  • What do these forms mean?
  • How can I share this video?

The ideal situation is that you design your input forms and website so well that end users don't need any help at all. With this in mind we are trying to minimise this kind of help. However we did identify that if we could create a glossary of terms that it might be useful between different sites.

Project worker / Moderator docs

  • How do I change what the upload form / website says to make it easier for my users?
  • How do I moderate content coming into the website?

One of the big areas of work that the Transmission documentation Drupal group have been doing is to create a