Drupal Video experimentation

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Drupal Video Experimentation

let it all hang out!!!

Media module

email by mick

I wasnt' even aware of this media module for example.


How does this effect what we are trying to do?

One of the issues that Ekes was wrestling with was what to do when you have a Video which can be accessed in different ways for example.

a) via streaming on a site like blip.tv / youtube b) via direct download eg: a 50 M mp4 file c) via a torrent file

Say you have a feed coming in with two elements like

  <media:content blip:acodec="mp3" blip:role="Source" blip:vcodec="ffodivx" expression="full" fileSize="64175590" height="480" isDefault="true" type="video/msvideo" url="http://blip.tv/file/get/Mickfuzz-5MinEditFLOSSManualsAtWintercamp09335.AVI" width="640"></media:content>
  <media:content blip:acodec="mp3" blip:role="web" blip:vcodec="ffvp6f" expression="full" fileSize="25923223" height="480" isDefault="false" type="video/x-flv" url="http://blip.tv/file/get/Mickfuzz-5MinEditFLOSSManualsAtWintercamp09380.flv" width="640"></media:content>

Ideally you want to be able to agregate the feed flexibliy to acheive some of the following

   * Bring up a streaming player
   * Dislay a link to download file/s
   * Export an RSS feed which will allow others to do the two above things on their sites!

At the moment I think Ekes was trying to address the issue by writing an array to the Embedmedia file. no?

I'm not sure - but maybe the Media module is trying to address that issue too .

quote -

"The Media module is a File Browser to the Internet. The Media module provides a framework for managing files and multimedia assets, regardless of whether they are hosted on your own site or a 3rd party site. It replaces the Drupal core upload field with a unified User Interface where editors and administrators can upload, manage, and reuse files and multimedia assets. The Media module is meant to act as a supplement or replacement for many other multimedia modules, such as FileField, Embedded Media Field, Media Mover, and Asset."

Has anyone else had a look at it at all?