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Summary of aims

One of the key ideas behind the Transmission network was to develop a tool to take the feeds of groups outputting radical social change video, and present their video one or many other sites, with tools available for searching and redisplaying that content again.

This is now possible. Mori Sugimoto, a Drupal developer, has been working with the http://www.ifiwatch.TV site.

The drupal site has ..

  • changed the simplefeed module so that Media Rss feeds can be aggregated (imported into the site's database)
  • created a View of these imported feed items which shows the link to the media file and image.
  • allows searching of the imported feeds
  • allows the imported video items to then be recategorised by keyword tag and exported as separate feeds

Another developer, Ekes, is now taking this further, establishing a system which can be replicated and fed back into the Drupal community.

How is this set up

See separate page Drupal MediaRSS Setup

How is this managed

The first step is to add a valid Media RSS feed to the drupal aggregator site. Select from the menu 'Create content > Feed'.

Drupalscreenshot add feed.jpg

Then enter the details and URL of the feed.

Drupalscreenshot add feed2.jpg

A page is displayed letting you know that the feed has been added. Click on the refresh feed link

Drupalscreenshot add feed done.jpg

If the feed if valid then you should see some new feed items added.

Drupalscreenshot refresh feed.jpg

Because our feed items are set by default to be 'unpublished' so they don't appear on the site automatically, we need to approve them in the 'manage' section. Click on Manage > content.

Drupalscreenshot manage content.jpg

Select the view of your content that is appropriate. In this case we want to look at 'not published' feed items. Select the items that you want to appear on the site, select 'publish' from the drop down menu, and click on the Submit button.

Drupalscreenshot manage feed publish.jpg

The items then appears on the front page

Drupalscreenshot front page item added.jpg

The individual feed item has it's own page. You can see that the tags have been imported sucessfully from the RSS feed and that there is a link to the video file.

Drupalscreenshot individual item added.jpg

If there is an image in the feed then that will appear too, as in the following example.

Drupalscreenshot items.jpg

You can now add your own tags / keywords to this video.

Drupalscreenshot tags.jpg

Then in the cloud of tags which you can display on each page, a tag will appear which is the same as your keyword. In this case 'random tag'.

Drupalscreenshot tags2.jpg

A view of a page of tags you added in this case the 'randomtag' page. This has a link to a Media Rss feed with enclosures made up of the displayed videos.

Drupalscreenshot feedcreated.jpg

Here is the code of that 'randomtag' rss feed.

Drupalscreenshot rss feed export.jpg