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Outdated document

Document below is outdated. --Szczym 18:08, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Video Publisher project

Short term aims

To create simple module that allows to create channel for democracy player that will:

  1. generate valid feeds for democracy player including images appearing in DP.
  2. allow of inserting external urls with media
  3. allow of inserting internal (under same domain) urls with media
  4. allow for uploading small video files (???) [web forms often break with larger files ]
  5. allow attaching images to media nodes.
  6. rescaling images into thumbnails for DP.
  7. valid with cck module (that will allow easily inserting into other views and contexts, and cck will be standard node approach in 5.0).
  8. support for metadata standard:
    • form to fill meta data
    • presenting meta data across various schemas (themed, cck, views, rss, atom)
    • compatible with transmission aggregator solution
  9. block for subscribe
  10. block for "new content"
  11. allow to override default number of items in feed that is defined in drupal core.
  12. Possibility to define few channels (mick have suggested to move that feature from long term aims)

Long term aims

  1. Provide main piece of software for drupal based video podcasting distribution, that will allow easily install drupal with key modules and configuration, to create video channel.
  2. Bittorrent content distribution
  3. Became the solution for floss channel creation.
  4. Provide software for hosting companies to offer hosted channel creation solution.
  5. OMPL export of few channels

Current projects the functionality to copy

A list of projects that currently implement features that we would like to have in our system.

  1. Drupal Video Module (http://drupal.org/project/video)
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  2. Broadcast Machine (http://www.getdemocracy.com/broadcast/)
    1. Pros
      1.  ?
    2. Cons
      1.  ?

User stories

  1. Jonny makes periodical videos about love relationships inside the ant community, that is squatting his kitchen. So far he has a myspace page blog on blogspot.com where he is showing his video via my tube player emblemed inside of blog posts. he has an archive of recent projects. he would like:
    • to show his video full screen
    • for people who watch his stories not to have to wait long for delivery
    • for his friends and frequent viewers to be able to subscribe to his stuff.
  2. Lisa is a video activist covering struggles for more cauliflower in her town. she has been posting for 2 years on local indymedia mpg1 files. She would like to:
    • Reach a wider audience specially interested in vegan activism
    • Reach people who do screenings in other towns
    • For her video to appear in context with work by other people who do similar stuff
  3. Fluffy bunny is a drupal webmaster who is managing a website about folk dance in Austria. Most clips are from users encoded in various containers. He would like to enable:
    • Users to upload clips, later they are displayed via www.
    • Users to submit clips that are on external urls
    • Webmaster to see a clip before letting it be displayed

Podcasting test

In our laboratory site it is possible to test publishing of video and audio via podcasting. More info is on Podcasting test page.

Agregator project

To create aggregating module, that is capable of sucking feeds with enclosures and creating new feeds based on given taxonomies. In future 5.0 it could be a package to build "video portals" more less like channel guide from PCF but making its own feeds.

Overview of aggregation possibility's in drupal at bright

Draft Funding Proposal

A Drupal Video Content Management System for community use.


Our group is aiming to create an out of the box Drupal media-centered distribution that will be a practical, flexible, open-source tool for distributing Video on the Internet. This project builds on the work on OurvideoCMS and project undertaken by the UK's National Computer Centre. This project worked with community and campaign groups over 12 months to create a Video content management system that focused on the essentials needed by community groups.

The plan is now to migrate the functionality of that CMS to Drupal. In this way the research and development of that project can be used by the wider community. There are also tools that Drupal uses which allow the functionality of the OurvideoCMS to be extended.

The catalysts for this decision have been two recent conferences on Video Distribution on the Internet called Transmission. After the presentation of Ourvideo and feedback from other projects, it became apparent that a working group to look at implementing a similar system in Drupal should be established. This working group has been active for several months. We have now identified the key areas for creating a functional video installation and customization of the Drupal CMS for our needs.

The future

We feel that undertaking this project is a major step towards future Video Collaboration projects. There are many ambitious projects we could undertake. These include online, collaborative, multi-lingual DVD production and online video editing. However, we feel that before we can move on to more ambitious projects, we need the following basic functionality within a popular open-source CMS to be created, documented and adopted.

Aims of the Community Video Drupal installation

To allow media feeds to be imported, indexed, searched and/or displayed flexibly. This would allow an implementation of the site to act as an aggregator of difference sources of video (normally via a Media RSS / Atom feed}.

Categorize and combine video from different feeds to display or resyndicate as selected video feeds. This addresses a key need of our community: to be able to create a selective or diverse collection of films on a particular subject or geographical grouping.

Create video feeds as Media RSS 2.0 and Atom Feed specifications.

Allow free tagging and creation of categories.

Allow subtitle files to be uploaded and linked to video files, displayed in page views and included in Media RSS / Atom Feeds.

Allow uploading of files and metadata to archive.org. This saves the bandwidth and server space of the groups.

Ability to easily create a group profile page based on author tag. On this page it would be easy to view the group's details, the group's video files and RSS feeds.

Allow upload of media files, linking to files media files, embedding externally hosted flash video google/youtube and similar.

Allow transcoding uploaded media files to preview and streamable formats (in the same way google/youtube does).

Fully document this process. Make this documentation available under a GNU open source license and create a collaborative platform to allow the input of those using the system.

Strategy for creation of Drupal Video installation

Currently, it possible to create most of the functionality listed above with existing tools provided by the Drupal community. However there is still some significant work to do in the documentation of this process and also some gaps to fill with new code.

We plan to implement the above aims on a test site. We feel this is the best way to drive this project forward as it will provide us with a certain number of users of the website who will give feedback. The most appropriate site we have identified is http://www.videoactivism.org . We anticipate this process of creation and documentation to take approximately 9 months.

A lot of this process will be done on a voluntary basis. However we are looking for funding for key areas of the project to ensure that it is coordinated, that new code is written within an appropriate time scale and that the project is documented fully. The people who are putting this proposal forward are as follows:

Szczym: obin.org, Poland Community Web host and Drupal developer

Mark Burdett: indybay.org, US Community Web host and Drupal developer

Zoe Young: ifiwatch.tv, International Community Video distribution

Mick Chesterman: ourvideo.org, UK Community Web host and Video CMS developer

Pete Hobson: network23.org.uk, UK Drupal developer

Mark Liiv: videoactivism.org, US Video producer

Adam Hyde: flossmanuals.net, NL documentation specialist.

Sasha Costanza-Chock: video.indymedia.org, US video producer