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FOSS Codecs Support in Popular CMSs

Independent video community sites appear to be converging around popular content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Plone. In this section we document the current state of support for Ogg within these systems and what would be necessary to increase the level of support.


Drupal has basic support for uploading and embeddeding Ogg within the browser. Video uploading is enabled using the Drupal video module and embedded playback utilises the Cortado Java Applet. Demo

Some development is occurring around YouTube style flash modules however to date this does not include auto-transcoding to Ogg. Another recipe for YouTube style site based on Drupal can be found here. The recipe here utilises ffmpeg to encode to flash. Ogg support is not available.

OpenPackage Video provides another option. It uses ffmpeg for encoding to Flash either locally or via the OpenPackage Video server at a cost of $1/100megabytes of source video. Commercial use of the flash player OPV uses requires you to purchase a license in order to waive the Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license.

In theory as OpenPackage Video and the Tuna Special recipes are based on ffmpeg adding support for Ogg may not be a huge stretch but would require deeper investigation. The current list of future features does not include adding Ogg support. Drupal page

Download.jpg Download Video Module:

Help.gif Documentation:

Development.gif Development:,13,14

Film Forge

The FilmForge Drupal video CMS project is a version of Drupal, tailored to the needs of videomaking communities. FilmForge (to be released in the 4th quarter of 07) makes it simple to install and run a video sharing site. FilmForge is currently considering adding IndyTube support as part of the package for Ogg support. To our knowledge Indytube is yet to implemented in Drupal however it would be relatively simple.


Video support for Plone centres around two key products: ATVideo and Plone4Artists Video. Plone4Artists Video is a newer initiative based on the Zope 3 architecture. It is less developed and currently lacks many of the features ATVideo offers but looks set to grow. It currently does not support Ogg transcoding or embedded playback however some work has been done on embedding Ogg video using Cortado.


Plumi is a Free Software video sharing Content Management System based on Plone. The EngageMedia branch of ATVideo (which handles video in Plumi) currently offers embedded playback of Ogg at an alpha level using the Cortado applet. IndyTube is used to manage the transcoding.

Additionally as vPIP already works in Plumi for the embedding of formats such as Quicktime, wmv and Flash, Ogg embedding using Cortado would be relatively simple to add.

Download.jpg ATVideo:

Help.gif IndyTube documentation:

Help.gif Plumi transcoding set up documentation

Development.gif Development:


Most Joomla video components/modules only seem to offer display of videos hosted on another service, or very primitive video functionality. There are some commercial add-ons for media publishing. Many of the components listed don't appear to maintained, or are ads of some sort for services/software.

The key video component appears to be Seyret Video Component however it does not offer any transcoding or Ogg functionality.

The possibility of implementing Cortado for playback of Ogg files does not seem to have been explored. Given the quality of the components on offer, Cortado support would probably have to be written from scratch.

As Joomla has such limited support for video it may be quite a bit of work to get it to a stage where FOSS codecs were viable.


Most WordPress video plugins revolved around the embedding of Flash video and have no support for FOSS codecs and embedded playback. A listing of Wordpress video plugins can be found here

Show In A Box

Show In A Box is a specialised video blogging package for the Wordpress CMS. It works similarly to FilmForge and Plumi. Show-in-a-box has a more limited array of functionality, however that is in no way a disadvantage. For small scale projects requiring basic video sharing or video blogging features and easy installation it is quite apt.

On August 27 2007 (just a few days before the release of this report) Show In A Box added support for Ogg playback using vPIP | example. The Ogg files currently must be transcoded by hand. Auto-transcoding is not presently available however similar to Drupal implementing IndyTube may be a relatively simple process. The Show In A Box community appears quite supportive of FOSS formats and so support and implementation is likely to grow.

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Development.gif Development:

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