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The objective is to build an aggregation and re-publication site for IFI-critical media - a free video 'node' focussed on a specific subject which, once proven, can be replicated for other issues.

The Project is a dynamic online video database of movies concerning IFIs. a node, a test rabbit for the transmitting ecosystem that we are building..

www.ifiwatchnet.org is the Mothership of ifiwatch.tv

IFIwatch.TV can now

  1. present information about independent video on the International Financial Iinstitutions
  2. make it possible for video makers (etc.) to upload data about video directly via forms.
  3. suck video data from other video publishers via (taxonomic) feeds.
  4. generate valid feeds (from search/taxonomy) for other sites to aggregate and present.

The following is a Zork text adventure that we might be able to have.... ifiwatch home

Current Status

The site is in operation here: IFIWatch.TV

This new site is a working experiment, a test case for media feed aggregation, with lessons already being built upon at for example http://www.rethinkingfianance.org, www.chalktalk.org and others.

We are now beginning a process of fundraising for Drupal upgrade, user interface development etc. in collaboration with transmission participants and the Bretton Woods Project

Tasks for 2010

What has been Done

In march 07 the ifiwatchnet database was moved to a Drupal system made by ITeM. Working with the Transmission.cc video distribution network, Zoe Young, Mick Fuzz and Szczym commissioned a separate Drupal website to aggregate, sort, store and generate video data. This presents independent films, clips and documentaries alongside links to related IFI-related news and documents from ifiwatchnet and beyond.

This successful 'proof of concept' video section was coded by Morihiro Sugimoto, with guidance from Peter Brownell of CodePositive and the London Drupal user group. Here is the summary of the initial changes made to Drupal for the pilot ifiwatch.tv site. changes to drupal ifiwatch

In 2008, Kester Edmonds developed a more resilient version of the Content Management System using Drupal 5 with the FeedAPI aggregation tools.

Please mail 'eyes - at - ifiwatchnet.org' with your feedback and ideas.. thanks.



Funding in place:

£15,000, administered by Bretton Woods Project

Dividing up Budget

Timetable for Work

Work Done

Public Relations

Adding Content


Older Notes

Notes from planning process

ifiwatch.tv/Old progress notes pre-2008