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An explanation of what the site is for

"A network node for critical and independent media on International Financial Institutions"

Film Listing

A list of films, listed with the latest at the top. Each item features:

  1. .. title and subtitle
  1. .. short description
  1. .. producer/director/organisation
  1. .. thumbnail image
  1. .. date of production
  1. .. length

If I choose to click on the title or thumbnail associated with a film, I come to the full film listing for that item.

Live Feeds

On the right of the home page I see three blocks of text, each containing a live feed listing:

  1. .. the IFI-relevant newswire feed from the Bretton Woods Project and others (eg imc?) as they come available
  1. .. the feed of reports from ifiwatchnet Bankwatch and Bank Information Centre (and others, eg IMCs, as relevant/search-based feeds come available)
  1. .. an ICAL calendar made up of ifiwatchnet calendar plus IFI-relevant events from IFIWatchers, independent media centres, screening networks and more.
  1. .. possibly, in future: a section containing adverts for relevant books, movies, trainings etc, ???

When I click any item in the feed, I find a live link to wherever the item is stored online. (NOT to a more or less empty item listing page, as at present). (what to do if the item goes offline after a certain date but remaiins in the feed???)

Search Box

Above the blocks of feeds on the right I see:

  1. .. a free search box, (plus link to advanced search options). When I click the search button, I go to the Search Results

  1. .. a fairly formal list of IFIs pulled out of the tag cloud: World Bank, IMF, EBRD, EIB, ADB (Africa), ADB (Asia), IADB, each with a full name plus acronym and link to wikipedia listing,

Below the blocks of feeds on the right, I see:

  1. .. a tag cloud of free tags attached to items in the database. When I click on a tag, i go to the Search Results ???


Help files