International Screening Database working group

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International screening database working group

Existing distributors consistently fail the cultural sector and have not taken sufficient advantage of the Web for e-commerce and social networking. The mission of NDS is to provide an alternative. Using the Web's ability to help people share information and collaborate, it enables the global promotion, sales and fulfilment of goods, improving cultural producers' sustainability and visibility at national and international level.

The system works by creating a global web of locally-inputted information, ranging from producers and agents to outlets and goods.

Two core barriers to the creation of a global market place for independent cultural products are high freight costs and a parity of goods' prices. We are tackling these through systems we (and others) call 'Community Couriering' (CC) and Peer-to-Peer E-commerce (P2P EC). With CC, people carry goods for less than commercial couriers' rates (when they are taking certain routes for other purposes already); with P2P EC, producers and buyers negotiate prices to index them to the purchasing power in the relevant region rather than via a straight currency conversion (this is known as Purchasing Power Parity ).

See: dev site and our work area

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