List of sites to encourage to create good clean suckable search-based feeds

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zoe is keen to start outreach to these organisations, however is (as of 7th march 2008) waiting on:

1. News from mick/jamie about how much money is available from OSI metadata standardisation funds to pay for costs of this process, both soci-political and technical.

2. Letter to potential feed creators,

containing a simple, non-techie summary of what is required of video creators to create usefully suckable feeds,

referring back to technical details listed here: What_video_publishing_sites_need_to_create_in_terms_of_feed

3. List of potential sources 9and some of them might suck too)

Jubilee USA now offers politube RSS filtering capability mail sent early april 2008, they say no plans but it would be nice to make search based feed. mails sent to sameer and bryan, 16th april 2008. bryan says that feed is broken, but should be fixed. ekes made tech contact, offering help and expressing interest in their geo data stuff. mail sent 16th april 2008 to

journeyman tv

together tv gavin sent mail mid april saying no time to work on exequo till june


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