Media Enclosure parser patch

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Media Enclosure Parser patch

Extends Feedapi Element Mapper to map Media RSS 2.0 feed enclosures to the Custom URL part of of the Embedded Media Field module.

This depends on other another patch, (embedded_video_zz_custom_url which allows more metadata to be added the Custom URL array))

How it works in a nutshell

If a URL based provider isn't found, then based the media enclosures of each feed item are parsed in to the Embedded media field.

To set this up you need to, when mapping feeds set options > enclosure or options > raw > enclosure to map to the Embedded media field

Ekes patch1.png

What the patch will do is to go through the feed and create an array of information that it thinks will be useful. It will then store that data in the Embedded Media Field, as a Custom URL.

The kind of information that it will look for is

  • Enclosed media file (mp4, avi, etc)
  • Metadata in the enclosures, video length, file size, dimensions, codec

See separate page on Drupal aggregating multiple files from enclosures