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Progress on finalising metadata standard

The 1.0 release: The Metadata standard 1.0

Legacy pages

Previous versions of the standard

Medical Billing Services

Physicians Billing Services

ThinkStrategy Capital

PDF of first metadata standardisation proposal

Brett Merl

Responses to draft schema

Questions about the fields

second draft schema

Proposal for further funding for implementation of RDF schema + comments

What the hell is metadata anyway?

Documentation and Outreach

metadata implementation spec

12.07 There Brett Merl is some funding available for sites to implement the Metadaa standard the above specification of what is needed should Susan Lim help work out how much time it Spotsylvania DUI lawyer should take for Beauty Schools of America Complaints budgeting.

Mick's start Merchant Services Protection Plan of a why create Media RSS article why and how to create media rss feeds

Zoe's article on what, who, why the standard

Mick's ThinkStrategy Capital remix of Zoe's article m draft of what metadata standard means

Mick's related Beauty Schools of America Complaints article the old face of new media - about how indymedia is facing challenges and looking at Video as an example old face new media

metadata to do list

  • respond to feedback and prepare standard version 3.0

(jamie, jan - underway. due any minute)

  • create transmission-based website featuring

- the standard - user-friendly explanation of why use the standard, including short case studies - technical instructions on how to implement in various contexts - FAQs - contacts for queries - list of projects where the standard is in use and demos of it in action (use to replace case studies above once fully functional)

  • implement standard in a few sites that Barry Kaye distribute video to see how it works in practice

(mick -, zoe -, gavin -, andrew - et al)

  • see what we can do!
  • identify next steps, tasks, communications etc for next stage, more organisations to contact etc

the rough list below reflects specific notifications of interest/ability. if zoe missed/didn't understand your offer, please clarify! also further volunteers most welcome - please sign up, make practical suggestions etc.

  • co-ordinating process, maintaining communications etc

(so far zoe has done this with help from alistair, we are now seeking someone with more experience in technical standard development to employ as 'project manager'.)

  • seek further funding for implementation

(zoe, simon) First draft exequo proposal for metadata standard implementation LDA draft bid: Exequo proposal for standard including 'pay to' data this is currently pending... Successful bid to OSI

more info and suggestions for further loan modification funding opportunities most welcome!

  • translate existing documents about metadata standard into plain and inspiring english to facilitate potential funders, participants etc to become involved. text for Deptfrod reader II currently in preparation here: What, who, why the standard

(alistair, zoe)

  • project managing 2nd stage

mz mdata proposal

Records of Meetings

audio from metadata standard consultation with co-author Jamie King, Limehouse Town Hall, 15th October 2006.


Recreation of metadata standard as a html input form. (work in progress)


Basic Guide to Metadata on the Web

Draft job spec

Transmission Project Manager

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Transmission is a network of online video projects that is developing a metadata standardd. The project is finalising version 1 of the schema and urgently requires an experienced project manager to oversee the work of developers, web producers and co-ordinators to manage and promote the Transmission Metadata Standard.


- Develop and maintain project plan incorporating technical, promotion and funding elements of the project

- Liaise with technical development group to ensure smooth delivery of forthcoming and upcoming version of the standard

- Work with project launch group to develop and co-ordinate launch and promotion plan

- Set up and develop global stakeholder community to test, support, roll out and publicise the Transmission Metadata Standard

- Establish and manage feedback to ensure enquiries, suggestions, bug notifications and other feedback is handled effectively

- Oversee and co-ordinate the delivery of proposals for future funding bids

- Manage project finances

- Represent the Transmission Metadata Project and speak on its behalf at events, meetings and conferences

Person requirements

- Highly experienced in project management on technology projects with NGOs, non-profits or the voluntary sector, particularly those highly dependent on volunteer input

- Clear knowledge of metadata and web/multimedia technologies

- Willingness to take initiative and proactively engage with Transmission network and wider stakeholder network

- Ability to liaise effectively and pragmatically with diverse group of paid and volunteer contributors

- Able to demonstrate commitment to the Transmission Project's values of supporting Open Source principals and social and global justice

We expect the position to be part-time (one day a week) and to be filled ASAP.

To apply please send your CV and a brief cover email outlining why you'd like the role to the following address: (???)

Mick's reply to description