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notes to inform fields in Mori's model of Drupal upload forms

Notes about forms migration from ifiwatch

Additional notes on migration


Website development:

    1. Website infoarchitecture.
    2. Template tweaking -
    3. Aggregator2 module integration
    4. Form to insert data via www, not via rss.
    5. Metadata standard wide adoption, Funded from elsewhere
    6. Publisher module adoption Funded from elsewhere
    7. Project maintenance and upgrade to 5.0

Aggregator module

Module to drupal that will collect data from other websites and present it via html and rss. Aggregator working group page

    1. Cleaning of present code. Release to 4.7
    2. Metadata integration
    3. Public release.
    4. Project maintenance and upgrade to 5.0

Metadata standard

To develop a set and format of video meta data, that will make it possible to exchange data between websites via rss. Coordinator Jamie/Zoe

    1. Fundaments - Completed.
    2. Tweaking
    3. Market consultation
    4. Public release of document
    5. Lobbying.
    6. Integration into existing tools

Metadata Workspace

Video channel publisher

Module to drupal that will make it possible to publish video into video podcasting clients via channels. Focus on democracy player. No direct impact on more info on transmission wiki. Coordinator - szczym

    1. Programming of publisher
    2. Metadata integration
    3. Display of video via www.
    4. Public release.
    5. Project maintenance and upgrade to 5.0

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