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What follows below is documentation of installing and configuring the modules and patches required to aggregate and embed video feeds from other Drupal sites. This is just a note of what I installed and patched to make it work and is not meant to be a thorough "howto".

1) Install Drupal 6-10

2) Install required modules:

(I installed the latest development versions from CVS)

3) Add the SimplePie parser The simplepie parser needs to be downloaded from [5]

I downloaded and unzipped simplepie_1.1.3.zip and copied the simplepie.inc file into the sites/default/modules/feedapi/parser_simplepie

4) Enable required modules:

  • Enable Content module
  • Enable Embedded Media Field
  • Enable Embedded Video Field
  • Enable feedapi
  • Enable feedapi_node
  • Enable simplepie

5) Create new content type for the video items I created a content type called "Video" and added a embedded_video field:

6) Enable all (required) providers: navigate to admin/content/emfield/media and enable all providers

7) Create a YouTube test feed.

  • Create content > feed:

Title: YouTube G20 Feed URL: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/videos?q=g20&client=ytapi-youtube-search&alt=rss&v=2 (from a YouTube search for G20)

Under "Processors > FeedAPI Node"

For "Node type of feed items:" select "Video".


  • Map the original url field.

Select the "Map" tab. options->original_url: to field_emvideo Save and refresh.

Result: 25 feed items from YouTube with embedded video

8) Create a third party test feed.

  • Create a feed from ifiwatch.tv
  • Create content > feed:
  • Map options->original_url: to field_emvideo

Save and refresh.

Result: 10 feed items created from ifiwatch.tv but with NO embedded video

9) Solution: Apply patches written by ekes:

  • ssh in the server
  • cd sites/all/modules/
  • wget feedapi_mapper.397682_and_emvideo.patch
  • patch -p0 < feedapi_mapper.397682_and_emvideo.patch
  • cd ../emfield
  • patch -p0 < emfield.emvideo.zzz_custom_url.20090418.patch

10) edit the ifiwatch.tv feed,

  • modify the mapped fields
  • map "options > enclosures" to "emvideo field"

Result: The first video file found in the enclosures from the ifiwatch.tv feed is now mapped to the emvideo field.

If there are multiple video files found in the enclosures, and the embedded video field allows multiple values, the mapper will map multiple video files.