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Suggested Locations

Berlin or Amsterdam


Ideally November 2007


To increase communication and digital distibution skills for social justice video groups in Europe (West and East)

To work towards creating an aggregation site for social justice video distribution in Europe


Existing Tx participants in Europe

Tactical Media Event


Trojan TV




Specific goals

Create a platform which

  • distributes video and subtitle files.
  • allows immediate preview of those files with subtitles in different languages.
  • contains technical help files in many languages that allow users to create, distribute and pass on multi-lingual video files.


We wish to (re)connect radical video groups who may not have access to a lot of funding. We also want this network to continue as a grassroots project which doesn't need continual outside funding to survive.

We would like to be able to pay for at least some hosting and travel cost for this meeting. So we are going to try to find 2/3 thousand euros from somewhere. Maybe you can help. perhaps the alt-media-res project would like to use this event to disseminate some findings to users?