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On that page lets combine kowege about subtitles formats and creation software. We need that to find the format that we will use accross our transmission network. Right now we need that to go forward with Subtitles workflow test drive.

Features of perfect subtitles format

Needs are for the format that will work across:

  1. platforms (mac, unix, win)
  2. players (vlc, media player clasic)
  3. dvd authoring software (adobe encore, dvd studio pro)
  4. scenes (holywood rip, manga, indymedia)
  5. containers (mov, avi)

If we will have that, it will be perfect ;) but lets prepere for compromises, life is brutal.

Also the process of converting them from one to another doesn't seem too difficult with Subtitle workshop [pc based uruaguay freeware] [mick]

Tutorials for Client / Local Subtitling tools

Help for creating, extracting and converting subtitle files.

Mark Muhleder's guide to making subtitles for a multi-lingual DVD

Existing Standards

TED Open Translation Project

Local subtitling tools



  • Java, cross-platform, GNU

Online Subtitle tools that could be used



  • space for upload of files
  • very flexible for what kind of video file you upload, transcodes them to flash
  • you can transcribe the file online using an embedded tool
  • the process for translating exising transcripts is very easy indeed


  • layout found confusing for some getting started (you have to go to my films to start to upload one) see first experience with dotsub
  • no importing existing subtitle files
  • only a web based upload (bad for big files)
  • exporting files is confusing
  • not open source

Subtitle horse as used for


  • part of kanalb community
  • online transcribing of of video possible
  • can import existing subtitles
  • can export in multiple formats or convert formats with related tool
  • open source


  • file has to be in flv format and already online


  • CMML annotations
  • Annodex media
  • Ogg stream
  • MediaWiki extension


Currently it's very doable to set up a drupal site to overlay subtitles over playing flv files using the same method as subtitle horse.

This doesn't have an ability to do the online translation out of the box. A solution would be to use Subtitle Horse to do that and integrate it, or write a module to do that.

The process is here. Transmission Subtitle Tutorial in Drupal

Existing subtitle formats

comparison chart

random information

Mac DVD Studio Pro from Subtitle workshop

In Subtitle workshop Save your subtitles as "Sprouce subtitle file" (the "Mac DVD Studio Pro" template is not working) --Szczym 13:30, 25 January 2008 (UTC)

Encore DVD from Subtitle workshop

Seemingly you can convert to a file format that will work with Encore DVD from Subtitle Workshop.

Encore Subtitles

is supplement tool for importing subtitles into the Adobe EncoreDVD.

Page to convert subtitle files to Encore format

This page will convert subtitle files made with URUsofts Subtitle Workshop to textfiles compatible with Adobe DVD Encore. The files must be saved as DVD Subtitle System files in SW and be in the following format:


Product Description: TitleLab allows to open .srt, .ssa and .sub subtitle files and convert them to QuickTime text tracks or DVD Studio Pro subtitles. It also allows you to change the text, style and timing on each subtitle and has a load of utilities that allow you to synchronize the subtitles to a movie, and allows batch manipulation of subtitle timings. What's new in this version:

   * changing the font in the Preferences now automatically updates the fonts in all open windows
   * opening avi and mp4 (possibly others) movies for syncing should work now
   * fixed a NilObjectException with the duration transformation
   * fileformats are now recognized "intelligently" (ie, not solely through the file extension), since many .sub files actually appear to be .srt files.
   * some other minor changes

Product Requirements:

   * PPC
     Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 with CarbonLib
     Mac OS X 10.1 or higher