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That is subtitles workflow development aka testdrive story, that will provide us proper working "how to" files for creating subtitles and way to translate subtitles across the vast networks.

some comments of the first workflow

suggestions for stage2 subtitle workflow

Subtitle project

The great subtitles workflow development aka testdrive story


  • To create a workflow to create subtitles for video content via the remote collaboration of multiple individuals / organisations.
  • To Document this process and create "how to" help files in many languages.


  • Choose a 5-10 piece of video with a a minimal amount of text.
  • A collective encodes the video to identical versions of mpg2 and mpeg4/ xvid for preview. The collective uploads both files.

Mpeg2 File : xvid preview file :

  • A collective/ individual creates an original language subtitle file from this encoded file and uploads this to a wiki / CMS

Tutorial How to do this on Windows :

  • Translation collectives / individual translators download this file, translate it to different languages and upload it to the wiki / CMS.

Tutorial How to do this on Windows :

  • When all translations are completed [or at a designated time limit] the production collective/s can download all the subtitle files, and original video files and make a multi-lingual DVD, or burn the subtitle file and the Video file together to make a DVavi for export to tape.
  • The DVD / DVTape is uploaded or distributed offline.

method follow up

making longer DVD compilation (which might be a DVD that revolt trys to get - "SDS - rebels with a cause" - moreonSDS


Please remember that the aim of this project is to push the subtitles story forward, but not specifically to develop new dvd compilation. Getting distracted with content too much might take us away from aims of subtitles working group.

The choice of subtitle file is based on the following factors.

What files are easy to create / edit / convert in the participants languages using

Subtitle Workshop Miyu Linux subtitlers

  • .SRT is suggested as Miyu can read it.


If you would like to participate in this pilot project, please add your name and contact details below. We especially welcome the participation of the following groups

  • babels
  • indymedia
  • transmission network


Project co-ordination list: If you would like to take an active part in this project, as a translator, techie, video producer etc. This list is where the day to day activity of the proposal is co-ordinated.

Update Blog / Tracker: To keep a track on the project so you can report back to your networks please look at our project blog.


subtitles temporary test