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What’s needed

Context and Focus

Consider change of focus from IFIs per se Includes possible name change, eg wonksnet, re-finance.net..???

Consider relations with rethinkingfinance.net, makefinancework, deprivatisation networks and other emerging projects.

Assess current technical direction, including comparison of alternative options for necessary info sharing.

Find people and organisations able to help 1. formulate questions about purpose, audience, remit etc of networking 2. specify existing networks to survey 3. identify potential media-focused organisations to collaborate with on future work. eg TurnFront.com

Identifying funders, making contact and fundraising: OSI (zoe in touch), SRT, Rosa Luxembourg, Heinrich Boell, Ford, Network for Social Change (zoe sent application in march, results expected May)

Simple Tasks in Drupal (for Carlo?)

Simplify work process with direct routes from log in to most used work zones, hiding unnecessary fields and options.

Create/Allow space for Ethical Junction banner ads.

Make it obvious and easy to create filtered feeds out of the database using search?

Improving Content Flow

Test tools for attracting content flow using eg feeds from social bookmarking sites, video bomb, delicious, technorati, digg, amplify,

Includes helping partners sign up to bookmarkers that offer the best feed options.

Find well-formatted events and other possible feeds to submit,

Filter media and other content using yahoo pipes or preferable tool Includes establishing simple work process for using and adjusting filters.

Lists of keywords/tags to include and exclude from filters

Identify, filter, include and generate feeds of selected tweets, fb links etc

Facilitating Usage

User survey, short, online. survey monkey or constant contact.

Bug testing and user feedback

D7 Upgrade of CMS

Simple intuitive UI for all content types’ upload forms, reading content from urls where possible. Includes setting Feeds to trusted and untrusted

Simple intuitive UI for content moderation pages, maximising information available on main page to filter content (image, author, keywords, short description) and minimising number of clicks needed to (improve metadata if nec and) publish.

Simple intuitive UI for Search tool, presenting content by type, medium, date and more

Simple intuitive UI for users taking media feeds out Includes offering widget to enable display of media feeds on other sites

Improved categorisation of media for presentation on site Includes display of all a series’ instalments together under one title.

Range of site texts including ‘how to’ (only where it not clear)


Collect and present useful data from analytics for feedback, promotion and planning

Clear description of the function and value of aggregators and mycelial media

Full spectrum social media promotion strategy and goals

Search engine optimisation

Specifying tasks, timetables and costs of maintaining all of the above

Back to ifiwatch.tv_workspace

Actions following 12 Feb Meeting

- Conduct a survey of NGO and social movement community about the further development of online info sharing platforms like rethinkingfinance.org and ifiwatch.tv

- Background info - a similar survey exists for ifiwatchnet, which was produced by ethical media - 'ifiwatchnet's communication needs'. available at [ifiwatchnet.org] Contact Marco Kuntze, now with 'JustGiving.

-Purpose: to scope out what the real needs of (actual and potential) users and NGOs are in terms of online networking, as many sites seem to lack a clear audience and niche or have not been successful in stated goals.

- Survey people involved in various sites about who/what/why regarding rethinkingfinance, ifiwatchnet and ifiwatch.tv and other similar platforms. Wide distribution of sources desired from on-the-ground activists to IFI academics... where are the gaps?

Preliminary list of people to ask to help design this work

Alex Wilks, Karen Showalter, now with Oxfam/matrnity leave) Catherine Fisher (on maternity leave from IDS), Jeff Powell, at SOAS Tom Glasyer, Zoe Young, Leslie Green, formerly BIC Klara Schirova, Marco Kuntze, Lucy Baker, now at UEA

First Task: Zoe to come up with a draft structure of the survey to ask the above list to comment upon.

Preliminary list of participants:

Banktrack, BIC, rethinkingfinance, Casino crash, makefinancework, ifiwatchnet, municipalservices, climate?, greennet, oneworld (Pete Armstrong), choike, p-sj.org (Philanthropy for social justice)

Alt media: indymedia, alnernet, znet, commondreams, panos, aporrea.org, transmission network,


Approx £5k to be raised to fund the survey

Preliminary conversations to be had with potential funders: OSI (ZY), Ford (PC to contact Leonardo), SRT (JG), Network for social change (ZY has submitted an application to NSC using this Text for Survey Funding for <£5,000 results expected May), Rosa Luxembourg (PC)