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A problem:

Having patched feedapi_mapper to allow us to aggregate multiple video enclosures and Media RSS fields from a third party RSS2 feed, we now have multiple versions of the same video displaying on the node.

A solution:

Modify the theme to display the one embedded flash video, and links to the other video types (mov, mp4, avi etc).

Here's how I did it:

1) Add a preprocess function to the theme's template.php:

	function phptemplate_preprocess_node(&$vars) {
	  // get the $node object
	  $node = $vars['node'];
	  // loop through all embedded video fields
	  foreach ($node->field_emvideo as $video) {
	  	if ($video['provider']=='zzz_custom_url') {
	  	  // if the provider is zzz_custom_url, we want to know the file extension
	       $video_file_name_array = explode('.', $video['value']);
	       $video_file_name_ext = array_pop($video_file_name_array);
	       $video['ext'] = $video_file_name_ext;
	       if ($video_file_name_ext == "flv") {
	       	// if the extension is flv, add the $video array to the $display_vid array
	       	$display_vid[] = $video;       	
	       } else {
	       	// otherwise add it to the $link_vid array to be displayed as a link
	       	$link_vid[$video['value']] = $video;
	     } else {
	     	// else if not zzz_custom_url, then we have a provider, 
	     	// so we'll just add the $video array to the $display_vid array
	     	$display_vid[] = $video;
	  if ($display_vid[0]['provider'] == 'zzz_custom_url' && $display_vid[0]['ext'] == 'flv') {
	  	// add the flash player using swftools swf() function
	  	$vars['video_view'] = swf($display_vid[0]['value'] );
	  } else {
	  	// we have a provider, so display using theme('emvideo_video_video') embed accordingly
	  	$field_type = 'field_emvideo';
	    $system_types = _content_type_info();
	    $field = $system_types['fields'][$field_type];
	    $field['widget'] = $system_types['content types'][$node->type]['fields'][$field_type]['widget'];
	    $vars['video_view'] = theme('emvideo_video_video', $field, $node->{$field_type}[0], 'emvideo_embed', $node);
	  if (count($link_vid) > 0) {
	  	foreach ($link_vid as $vid_link) {
	  	  // get the file name
	  	  $vid_file_name_array = explode('/', $vid_link['value']);
	  	  $vid_file_name = array_pop($vid_file_name_array);
	  	  $link['href'] = $vid_link['value'];
	  	  $link['title'] = $vid_file_name ;
	  	  if (isset($vid_link['data']['meta']['size'])) {
	  	    $link['title'] .= " (" . format_size($vid_link['data']['meta']['size']) . ")";
	  	  $vars['video_download_links_array'][] = $link;
	  	$vars['video_download_links'] = theme('links', $vars['video_download_links_array']);

2) Modify the node.tpl.php

In node.tpl.php, I removed

<?php print $content ?> 

And replaced it with

<?php print $video_view // the embedded video player?>
<?php print $video_download_links // the themed links to the other file types to download?>
<?php print $node->content['body']['#value'] // the body text ?>

This prints out the themed variables as defined in our phptemplate_preprocess_node() function.

I'm sure there's a more elegant way to do this, but this worked for me.