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Why Use the Miro Player

It's free and open source software, and it puts video feeds all in one easy place that keeps people up to date!

In places where streaming isn't a practical option, Miro's a great solution because it downloads and stores media locally, including YouTube videos.

It has bittorrent built in (and makes it easy to use), which is good for downloading higher resolution video (again, especially since streaming HD in a place with low throughput is impossible).

There have been concerns that Miro software needs to be installed on a computer before it can be used, which exludes a proportion of potential audiences who do not have permission to install new sofware on the machines they use.

In response, Participatory Culture are currently working on making Miro usable from a USB drive, which would be of value for anyone working in an area where they don't have access to install programs. Also great when bandwidth is sparse (because the video can easily travel around on the drive and be shown and/or dumped onto other machines).

Transmission Member Miro Player

Participatory Culture Foundation are happy to work with the Transmission network to create a Miro player which has the channels of member video distributors already installed and would link to a Transmission created channel guide.

This is the best way for anybody interested in community-driven (and distributed) social-justice and environmental video to find new videos to download. It brings all of's content (well not all, but a good chunk of it) together in one place.

A grassroots activist could download this and have instant access to new content from around the world, finding videos that may be useful in their campaigns.

Anyone who does regular screenings in a community venue (or anywhere) could download this and have fresh content to show at screenings every week, or every month. Social centres, squats, community centres, film societies etc. can just download it and play it - all with the one application, they don't need anything else to do it (well, apart from a computer, an internet connection, a sound-system and a projector ;) ). One piece of software finds them content, downloads it via various means, and plays it back in a handy playlist - fullscreen. Even a community TV show could download and re-broadcast material (though they would have to consult the license to see if they could use it).

TX Miro means they don't need to visit each of our sites (which would take some considerable research to list if they knew where to look), find each project's feed, and then copy and paste them into Miro, its all pre-loaded and waiting for them. A browsing, downloading and screening tool in one!

To do this we need to get together

  • Lists of suitable groups distributors and their valid RSS feeds with enclosures.
  • Sensationalist (optional) Images of the Channels for the Channel Guide. (suggested 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Sensationalist (optional)descriptions of the Channel and it's contents

Transmission Player Graphic and Description

Transmission: A network of online video distribution projects for social change.

Transmission is a network of community (replacing citizen - suggestion by mick) journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. Our objective is to make independent online video distribution possible (using FLOSS) by building the necessary tools, standards, documentation and social networks.

Link to graphic:

Transmission Member Sites With Valid Vodcast Feeds for Miro

Descriptions and links to images for Channel guide

basic list

Clearer Channel

Homepage : Description: Clearerchannel is a Uk based online video channel bringing you news from the underground. You can expect subvertising, art activism, cheeky protests and hours of unlicensed entertainment. It features videos from Camcorder Guerillas, Schmoovies, Uk Indymedia, Undercurrents and more.


Miro Homepage


Homepage: Description: Image url:

Miro Homepage :

Homepage : Description: Image url:

Miro Channel


Homepage : Description: Image url:

Miro Homepage :

Homepage : Description: Image url:

Miro guide homepage:

Homepage : Description: Image url:

miro homepage


Homepage: Description: Image url:

Miro homepage:

Estudio Livre


Miro homepage:


Miro Homepage :

Homepage: Feeds: Atom - RSS - Description: presents independent media on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Regional Development Banks. The videos aggregated here unveil the urgent, complex and often dangerous realities behind mega-projects and economic policies spending public money to 'help the poor' and 'conserve the environment' through 'economic development'.

IFIs like the World Bank carefully manage a glossy, authoritative image in mainstream media, academia and beyond. Meanwhile films that give voice to communities devastated by IFI-backed investments, to critical science and analysis, to street protesters and civil society campaigns against the IFIs rarely reach their interested audience.

So, we are working with (connecting organisations worldwide which are monitoring international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks) and (developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy) to bridge these gaps.

This free media portal is for educators, activists, journalists, film-makers, broadcasters, narrowcasters, students and anyone else who is interested in what multilateral bodies are doing with our money, our neighbours, and our planet.

Image url:

Transmission Member Sites With Vodcast Feeds - Problem

Transmission Member Sites Without Valid Vodcast Feeds in Miro

  • NewsCham - no feed with video enclosures (that I can find)
  • Zalea TV - only RSS1 it seems
  • NGVision - no valid feed for Miro

Other Sites With Vodcast Feeds We Do Not Wish to Include At This Time

Comments on the email list suggesting we should leave this out as Ourmedia have not been active members of the network. Also their feed is not social-justice or environmentally based.

Last thoughts on this are that Indy could do with its own co-branded player. or that Transmission Miro Player could have a feedburner channel of all IMC video feeds together.

Transmission Miro Player Mockup