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Create a Transmission Embedded Media Field Provider

What we want

Embedded Media Field allows users to post a URL into the field and displays a click and play embedded video. This is relevant when users are entering a single embedable vidoe

Drupal emfield.png

It then has different theme functions which then embed this information in a page a 'click and view' player (which is different for each provider) this might be for the big - it might be their own player for someone like Youtube.

The embedded media field is designed to take the URL of the page - there is no standard way of doing this. We don't have anything which allows the EMF to read the data it needs from the page.

Creating a 'Provider' for our own sites to use the flash elements of Embedded Media Field. This could be a job for Metadata standard

Short term

This could be done by writing some Regular expressions that would search for the first flv file that is embedded in the page, and some of the attributes with it.

This wouldn't grab the metadata associated with it like tags, title, description etc. So at the moment this is only really suitable for single videos (rather than mapping whole feeds)

Longer term

To get that extra metadata, it is possible to embed the Metadata in the page as RDF. It could be done pretty easily.

Just for interest in the future that rdfa in d7 core intro

Ideally this will make possible to turn working solution of mapping into default mapping of future content. (or maybe not see other thoughts)


At the moment once you have got the the location of video mapped to the EMF then the ways of displaying it are a bit crap.

Other thoughts

You may think - If we can write a provider to map a URL, then we wouldn't need to be able to map the enclosure elements at all - which is the aim of the Media Enclosure parser patch

But if we do want to include other information and not just the embedded media stuff like the mp4 files, then we need to be able to intelligently parse various parts of the feed to the Embed Media Field and to pull them out using different theme functions.