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TX-AP Activities

There will be some space at Transmission Asia-Pacific for activities other than programmed workshops, discussions and screenings. You can just use your free time at Tanakita (the meeting venue) to relax, chat to people about ways to collaborate or projects you're involved in, or plan an activity for others to be involved in.

Please add your suggestions below (there will also be the chance to plan impromptu activities during the meeting, but feel free to get in now if you have a particular idea of something to do).

Available Times

  • mornings before breakfast (Tues-Sat before 8am)
  • afternoons between 5.45-7.00
  • evenings after dinner (Tues-Sat after 8pm)
  • Thursday afternoon (Thurs 1pm onwards)

Ideas for Activities

Waterfall Photo


It is about 15 minutes walk from Tanakita to a nearby lake (not suitable for swimming). About 30 minutes walk from Tanakita is a waterfall, where it is possible to swim.

Here is a page with some photos of the meeting venue: http://transmission.cc/txap-venue

Trips to Town

Tanakita is a 10-15 minute drive from Sukabumi. Local buses are available to catch into and out of town.



We may be able to have a bbq on the Saturday night.

Music / VJing

We could have some bands / djs / vjs play on the Saturday night. Ruangrupa and friends may have some ideas on this.

Other Ideas

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • flying-fox / rope-walks
  • guided walks?
  • white-water rafting?? near to Sukabumi

Activity Plans

Add your plans for activities here.