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Notes from the final txap session - actions forward

* Film Forge
 * make a package of FF so it's a one-step install. Sascha  on point.
* p4a
 * Nate will make it easy for ppl to get a p4a site/subdomain
* Indonesian scene
 * video archive from different scenes. Ade on point.
* Show In A Box
 * Cheryl and sanjay may work on a Video wrangler (?!)
* Xborder
 * Use transmission to make a list of video feeds from around the world. Kris on point
 * DVD compilation of South East Asian migrant worker vids. Dongwon on point
 * shared server space - SE Asian geeks will stay in contact. Andycat
* Video in labour movement
 * precarious workers International film festival at G8. Yukihiro
* Mobile
 * request for all CMS geeks to integrate mobiles interaction
* Festival session
 * 1. xtend teh tx metadata for film fest inclusions. Relax wil add to wiki
 * 2. extend plumi and film forge to handle film fests
 * 3. get the cms's working on the migrant workers film fest. A film fest @tx.cc email list
* Indymedia
 * publish an article about TXAP2008
 * helping each other out across SE Asia
* Streaming
 * setting up a tx stream from the rss
 * clean up website, update
 * Aggregate content - inc padma and uniontube
 * make it newer/funkier with css and new banner
* Mien and Tiffiniy
 * malaysian indie film channel or asian indie film channel.
* Sanjay
 * converstaion/collaboration/subtitle exports around archiving TXP2008 vids on pad.ma
* Sam
 * write a how to on making a cheap tv station on your own
* Consolidated contact list of all ppl that attended
* Lachlan/andycat to set up email lists as requested.

From other sessions....

One thing that I noticed most during the presentation sessions was that a lot of the groups 'hadn't got online yet' or 'we are here to find out more about getting (video) online'.

There are a number of issues to look at in this situation.

1. Access to politically safe, financially viable server hardware.

LabourNet (yuki) and Media Culture Action (dongwon) both gave support to the idea. Japan and Korea are both countries that can host servers.

2. Access to nerds that can do initial set ups, backups, systems administration.

the transmission network can not only provide these services, but could also make on the ground missions to skill up local techies to administer their own sites.

3. A look into teh ideas of community video and putting these videos online, as mentioned this morning by mien. ie, rights to privacy for communities etc

4. Future training on point 2, to decrease the requirement of non native nerds.

potential recipients atm:

  • Pekka (indonesia)
  • video communitas (komang, indonesia)

Datakid 16:00, 22 May 2008 (EST)