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Server and Network Setup

Please note that the internet will most likely be precarious at the venue, potentially be slow and will definitely go down at some point. Hence prepare as much as possible to work without needing net access. We will set up a LAN/Server to run as much as we can locally.

Key elements

  • TxApInternet -- the internet access details to the outside world
  • TxApLocalNetwork -- the details of the local media server, and internal LAN at the camp - wifi, ethernet etc
  • BurnStation (as people will need physical access to this machine to burn DVDs it might need to be separate - And)
  • TxApDesktopSoftware - Software to download and store on the machine for people to install locally
  • TxApServerSoftware - process and list of apps that needs installing (eg. plumi, pad.ma, showinabox)
  • TxApDocstoPrint - Software docs to print

Local Debian repository inside indonesia - ftp://kambing.ui.edu/debian or http://ubuntu.indika.net.id/

Tech person to hassle is ... AndyCat

and Datakid , both from EngageMedia

It would be great if we could set up one dedicated spot for a computer with a DVD burner and a big shared drive, with a stack of blank DVDs. Everyone would be encouraged to copy some video onto the shared drive, and throughout the week people can browse and burn media to take away with them for local screenings.

If we can't spare the dedicated computer, it would still be nice to have the drive and a fast DVD burner and stack of blank DVDs, all in a spot where people can just bring a laptop to plug in and burn.

If we have a 500 gig drive then each participant could add about 10gigs; if we have a 1 tera drive then about 20.


Hi,I would like to suggest we share our softwares too (open source/free/copied :-) etc).


The set up should be fairly comprehensive.

There will be at least one server computer and probably in the realm of 5 other desktop computers provided by TX-AP.

The server will be running the latest Debian testing release, the desktops will be running the latest version of Ubuntu. Media for both of these releases will be available at Sukabumi.

These OS's have been chosen basically because they are free and what I use on a regular basis and hence am able to support. Feel free to ask me for a run down on teh software, lessons etc. Debian has an excellent social contract which may convince people to start using it.

In regards to Plumi/engagemedia software I presume Andycat will have a fresh from SVN version when he arrives. I would appreciate if others could bring their own software (looking at you FilmForge/Miro/plone4artists) - while installing over the net shouldn't be too much of an issue, we could and should be trying to use our bandwidth and time on better things :)

The server will most probably running an internet proxy, a samba share so we can all be on the same LAN/share the videos/music/etc, FTP server, and hopefully will also have examples of plumi/film forge/etc running on it. We may decide to instead show people how to install them on their own computers (as an example, you would never run this software on a desktop for internet distribution.

Other ideas I've had include setting up an eJabberd server so that we can all have chat available.

If you have any ideas or think that I've made a mistake or forgotten an important piece of software please make a note of it below.

-- lachlan musicman

This sounds good! One thing I'd like to install as well is a local instance of our video archival site, http://pad.ma Our server runs Ubuntu, so am guessing the setup should not be too hard - would just need an install of Python / Turbogears and a variety of Ogg toolz.. again, should not be a problem ... Looking forward to discussing the setup more and being available if there is any way I can help . --Sanjay B

Sounds fine to me, as long as it's not too heavy :) Also included inthe list of people we would like too bring there software is Show in a Box :)

I will definitely bring the latest versions of WordPress and all the plugins associated with Show in a Box and I believe I have time to get an instance of WordPress running on my local machine before the conference for demonstration purposes. Maybe we can run WordPress on our server as well, for people to be able to play with the Show in a Box plugins, learn how to use them? All of the Show in a Box software is meant to be downloaded from the web and installed on web servers, so this will be a little new for me (using it without Internet access) but I'm sure we can do it!


(off topic: note that you can add the symbol ~~~~ to add your name at the end of each post :)

Datakid 12:51, 29 April 2008 (UTC) (aka Lachlan Musicman)