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Sample Format

  • Title: The title of your screening
  • Proposer: Your name
  • Facilitator: Who will coordinate the screening, and collect all the videos
  • Projects/Organisations: If any groups work in particular will be shown
  • Topics: The topics you will cover in the videos you will screen
  • Genres: Genres you are looking for in particular?
  • Duration: How long will the whole screening run for.. 1.5 hours, 2 hours?
  • Comments: Use this to listing your general screening, not necessarily for each video :)

The Screening Area

Please add your ideas for screenings here. Closer to the meeting we can start to make firmer plans to schedule these screening in to the available screening times, and finalise the schedule once we have all arrived at Tanakita.

Screening and Disscussion

Friday, 8.00 pm- 10.00 pm

Screening Venue

The tent that as yet has no name :)) Can fit 50 people.

Screening Proposals

Write your proposals for screenings here using the example format. Please add draft ideas for screening below in Ideas for Screenings.


Everyone is still arriving on Monday evening but it's possible to do a few films but good not to do too much as otherwise those still travelling will miss out.

TUESDAY: People's Power Indonesia post 1998

  • Title: People's Power Indonesia post 1998
  • Proposer: Zanny Begg
  • Facilitator: Ariani Darmawan
  • Projects/Organisations:
  • Topics: Indonesia's post 1998 reform. Eleven films by eleven filmmakers looking at Indonesia's condition affected by the 98 aftermath, then and now. http://9808films.wordpress.com
  • Genres: Short Films: drama, documentary, experimental.
  • Duration: 110 minutes
  • Comments: Discussions afterward.

WEDNESDAY: Counter-globalisation Movements

  • Title: Counter-globalisation Movements
  • Proposer: Zanny Begg
  • Facilitator: Zanny Begg
  • Films/Speakers:
  • Storm From the Mountain - 6 mins (~200)
  • Kilometer Zero: WTO Cancun (trailer, 6mins), and excerpt from the Miami Model: FTAA Miami (10min)
  • Copyright This! by Sanjay B - 38 Mins.M (2005)
  • V-artivist films from Hong Kong anti-WTO, "The Wall" (5mins ) and "Hemlet and 'Media Freedom' " (15 mins),
  • Engage media G20 video, 20 secs, Anna,
  • What Would it Mean to Win? Oliver Ressler and Zanny Begg, (40 mins),
  • Topics: counter globalisation movement, anti G8 organising, independent media etc etc
  • Genres:
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Comments:

THURSDAY: Environment and the Land - Climate, Conservation, Sustainability and Indigenous Issues

  • Title: Environment and the Land - Climate, Conservation, Sustainability and Indigenous Issues
  • Proposer: Anna Helme
  • Facilitator: Anna Helme
  • Projects/Organisations: EngageMedia.org, and whoever else has videos to contribute!
  • Topics: climate change, water, sustainability, conservation, environmental justice
  • Genres: animation, documentary, music, fiction, whatever!
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Comments: It would be good to get a range of videos about environmental issues from groups around the Asia Pacific, please email the list to let me know what you want to bring.

Videos will include (add yours here!):

The Castle on the Sand (AUSTRALIA) Graham has built the most fantastic castle on the beach but the tides's rising... and he's not going to give up without a fight. A short-fiction-comedy tackling climate change and a rather uncanny response to a warming planet. DURATION: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Bensin (INDONESIA)An animation of the fossil fuel cycle.DURATION: 3 minutes 0 seconds

Cartaret Islands (PACIFIC) The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history. They will not be the first people to lose their homes because of global warming. Rising seas, expanding deserts and changing weather have already displaced many, possibly millions of people. But the people of the Carterets may be unique, as they begin to abandon their atoll, one of the first peoples in the world to do so. DURATION: 4 minutes 55 seconds

Climate Change Options (AUSTRALIA) Now that the general public accepts climate change and wants to help (thanks, Al Gore) more information is needed. There are real solutions and there's "greenwashing" and wishful thinking. DURATION: 12 minutes 21 seconds

Climate Hero (AUSTRALIA) Climate Hero retires to live a quiet life in the countryside, but there is one more mission... DURATION: 0 minutes 52 seconds

Climate of Hope (AUSTRALIA) Climate of Hope is a 30 minute documentary created to demystify climate change and nuclear energy. While the threat of climate change is now widely accepted in the community, the potential for nuclear power stations in Australia has raised questions about the best strategy for our country to move to a low-carbon economy. DURATION: 28 minutes 12 seconds

Bottled Water (AUSTRALIA) Some facts about bottled water and why its a con job. DURATION: 0 minutes 30 seconds

Bagong Silang Water(less) (PHILIPPINES) A short documentation of how people in Bagong Silang, a community in the Philippines, cope with their "waterlessness". DURATION: 9 minutes 12 seconds

Ulang Sampah (INDONESIA) Can't get rid of plastic waste? Reuse it! DURATION: 1 minute 4 seconds

Tasforests (AUSTRALIA) A visual journey into Tasmania’s threatened forests DURATION: 5 minutes 56 seconds

The Last Valley - Napalm Fire Bombing Logged Area (AUSTRALIA) At the end of each summer the Victorian logging department sends helicopters to drop napalm onto the forest logged in the previous year. The fires clear the land of unwanted native species and leave an ash bed that favours the regeneration of Eucalyptus trees. DURATION: 2 minutes 0 seconds

Reduce Refuse (CHINA) The city of Shantou in China is drowning on its own garbage. The students of Shantou University would like to know if the citizens of Shantou City know what's going on? DURATION: 11 minutes 26 seconds

Save Ruoergai Wetland-Prairie (CHINA) Ruoergai is the wetland-prairie up in the highlands of the north eastern region of China. It is the major source of the water of the Yellow River and it is fast becoming a desert. DURATION: 10 minutes 44 seconds

Paradise Bus (MALAYSIA) 30 minutes

The Faces (KOREA) 50 minutes

SanYiang tribe report + LoSeng 912 (Taiwan/ Coolloud )

Royal Belum Orang Asli??? - Belum Temple (MALAYSIA?)' The Jehai tribe. DURATION: 9 MINUTES

My Forests Tears (INDONESIA) 8 minutes

FRIDAY: Let’s Talk About Sex baby!

  • Title: Gender and Sexuality
  • Proposer: Mien Ly
  • Facilitator: Mien Ly
  • Projects/Organisations:
  • Topics:
  • Genres:
  • Duration:
  • Comments:

Some videos to include:

  • Title: the merry gay-round of luv
   * filmmaker: Namita A. Malhotra
   * Projects/Organisations: Alternative Law Forum
   * Topics: cinema, sexuality, mainstream, popular culture 
   * Genres: Fiction
   * Duration: 15 mins
   * Synopsis: Made from clips of the mainstream Bollywood hit film Kal Ho Na Ho, Kaun Mille Dekho Kissko subverts the narrative of the heterosexual triangle to tell the story of queer love and desire.

Title: Confuse Proposer: Dian Herdiany Projects/Organisations:Kampung Halaman Topics: Young Girl, Multiculture, Freedom of Religion Genres: Video Diary Duration: 5 minutes Comments:made by girl at Medan,about her confusness to choose her religion..

Title: Na Na Na Na Proposer:Dian Herdiany Projects/Organisations:Kampung Halaman Topics:young girl, taboo, school, school authority Genres:Video Diary Duration:3 minutes Comments:This Video made by young girls, students of Bhineka High school, a Non Favorite High School at Yogyakarta who are not allowed to say one taboo word in their school. its Na Na Na Na...

Title: She’s My Son Proposer:Mien Projects/Organisations:Komas’s FFF Topics:Transexuality Genres:Documentary Duration:20 minutes Comments:A mother’s point of view on how she deal with her son becoming a daughter.

  • Title: Brokeback Bharat/India
   * filmmaker: Namita A. Malhotra
   * Projects/Organisations: Alternative Law Forum
   * Topics: popular culture, cinema, queer, sexuality, gay, lesbian, campaign, sodomy law
   * Genres: Music Video
   * Duration: 2 minutes
   * Synopsis: Brokeback Mountain — Ang Lee’s Oscar winning film, is a story of gay love. It has spun off many parodies and take-offs and this is yet another. This is a trailer titled Brokeback Bharat made of various moments of queer pleasure and desire borrowed from Indian popular cinema.

Title: My Beautifull Flower Proposer:Dian Herdiany Projects/Organisations:Kampung Halaman Topics:young girl, earthquake affected area, local goverment authorithy, Genres:Video Diary Duration:6 minutes Comments:This Video made by young girl at Karangploso Village, Yogyakarta after the earthquake, as an investigation video of their street name's changing

Title: 17 years Old and Above Proposer:Dian Herdiany Facilitator: Kampung Halaman Projects/Organisations:Kampung Halaman Topics:young girl, early marriage, gender injustice Genres:Video Diary Duration:10 minutes Comments:This Video made by girl at Amis Village, Indramayu, Migrant worker sender area, about insecure feeling of their early marriage culture

Title: My Confession- the picture diary Proposer:Mien.ly Facilitator: Projects/Organisations: Topics:gender and spaces Genres: Duration:10 minutes Comments: I wonder about gender and spaces, gender and desires, desires and you, and i wrote it into my picture diary.

Title: Dont Forget With Our Hero Proposer:Dian Herdiany Facilitator: Kampung Halaman Projects/Organisations:Kampung Halaman Topics:young girl, nationality, forgotten history Genres:Video Diary Duration:5 minutes Comments:This Video made by girl at Aceh Children Centre about her nationality and proudness of her favorite hero.

TOTAL: 1 hour 15 mins

Kombung, 23 mins The nobel struggle of Amina Wadud, Komas, time? An after noons in the Hijjabed, 9 mins,

Total 1 hour 47 mins

SATURDAY - political repression and human rights

We will be having a party on Saturday night, but could have a screening also perhaps.... anyone want to facilitate this if so?? Can we have this at another time not during the party?!!

Some films to show include...

  • Title: Test Film On Void Center
  • Projects/Organisations: Jong Pairez/Manila Indymedia
  • Topics: Urban Intervention, Multiculture, Migrants, Dance, Psychogeography
  • Genres: 8mm Film
  • Duration: 3 minutes no sound (requires live sound performance)
  • Comments: Without traveling and inter cultural experience, human beings might never possibly evolve.

  • Title: Test Film On Profiling
  • Projects/Organisations: Jong Pairez/Manila Indymedia
  • Topics: Racial Profiling in Japan, Surveillance of Migrants, Performance Art, Psychogeography
  • Genres: 8mm Film
  • Duration: 3 minutes no sound (requires live sound performance)
  • Comments: Without traveling and inter cultural experience, human beings might never possibly evolve.

  • Title: Gigante Despierta
  • Projects/Organisations: Sasha Costanza-Chock / Indymedia US
  • Topics: Immigrant Rights mobilizations in United States
  • Genres: short documentary
  • Duration: 20-30mins (selection of short films from larger compilation project
  • Comments: The spring of 2006 was the largest wave of street mobilizations in the United States history, as immigrant workers took the streets in every city to demand rights and respect.

  • Title: No Borders!
  • Projects/Organizations: No Borders Network, La Plataforma, Indymedia
  • Topics: No Borders actions and mobilizations
  • Genres: Short videos/ Music videos
  • Duration: 3 minutes (No Borders Camp USA), 6 minutes (Wall of Shame, Cueta/Melilla)
  • Comments: short music vids documenting direct action against border walls

  • Title: Education of the Children of Migrant Workers in Shantou City, China
  • Projects/Organizations: Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication, Shantou University, China
  • Topics: Internal migrants children
  • Genres: Documentary
  • Duration: 20 minutes 17 seconds
  • Comments:

Burma shoot on sight – 14 mins Rights (Philippines) – 7 30 secs each 3.5 mins Komas, Mari Kita Ber Activism – 14 mins Belum, Malaysia – 9 mins Komang 3 short films, lelah sang ibu, 8mins, Aku dewah se pemabuk, 10 mins,

Ideas for Screenings

  • highlights from EngageMedia
  • videos from the wider Transmission network
  • g8tv retrospective

  • themed nights:
  • Indoensian social movements post 1998
  • The revolution will be on TV: media and the counter globalisation movement
  • Border crossings: migrant and refugee rights
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Labour and work

  • Tuesday: People's Power Indonesia post 1998 (coordinator: Ariani Darmawan)

- Ariani Darmawan, 9808, Self-supporting filmmakers, artists, musician gather to make 11 short films about 10 years Indonesia reform

  • Wednesday: counter-globalisation movements (coordinator Zanny)

- Zanny Begg, What Would It Mean to Win? (Oliver Ressler and Zanny Begg, 40 mins, English/German), film from G8 protests Germany

- WTO protests HK

- highlights from G8TV

- discussions from Japan about upcoming protests

  • Thursday: Climate change and enviro films (coordinator: Anna)

  • Friday: Gender and Sexuality (coordinator: Mien Ly )

- Indra, She's my son, Komas Freedom Film Fest 2008, 13:00min - Dian, "Girls and Video Diary : personal is political" 30 minutes (6 video diaries made by girls in transition area

  • other ideas:
  • Labour and Work

- Indra, Bonded Labour | Modern day slavery, Malaysiakini.tv, Slavery among the estate worker's, 10:00min

  • Border Crossings: migrant and refugee rights

- Sasha Costanza-Chock, US asian migrant workers rights films (? time, ? title, ?language)

- Jong Pairez, Migration, Migrants and Psychogeography of Tokyo (3 mins, Japanese?)

- Zetty Brake, Burma: Shoot on Sight

- Zanny: I would also be intersted in a night which looked at issues surrounding "the documentary" as a concept. We could screen some films which probed forms of documentary making and discuss issues surrounding fiction/truth/bias and what engaged media actually is. One film I could think of in this vein is Hito Steyerl's November 26 mins (which is exploring the death of her friend fighting with Kurdish militants but also looks at how we construct ideas of truth, militancy, justice etc etc). Maybe some people coming to the camp have also made works which question and probe the documentary form and this could be an interesting topic to discuss. We could also look at some historical documentary/film projects such the Dziga Vertov Collective etc. (I would also like to discuss the documentary as a concept, and especially I would like to talk about these issues in terms of online distribution, what kinds of formats make sense online, what documentary filmmakers need from their web sites, etc, in addition to the great topics Zanny suggested. ~Cheryl)

- Kai Xiong: Not sure where this should fall under, so I'll add my proposal here:

Title: One Nation Under Lee
Proposer: Chong Kai Xiong, Seelan Palay
Facilitator: Chong Kai Xiong, Seelan Palay
Projects/Organisations: None
Topics: concealed past, civil disobedience, freedom struggle
Genres: political documentary, call for action
Duration: 40 minutes
Comments: A film that traces Singapore's degeneration into a post-modern authoritarian state controlled by one family after independence.

I hope to do a short 15-30 minute discussion about the film and Singapore's current situation after the screening.

Kindly consider including these films on human rights and political repression in the Philippine. Perhaps we can collapse these with Chong Kai Xiong and Seelan Palay's documentary:

   * Title: RIGHTS (volume 1 and 2)
   * Proposer: Risa Jopson and Anna Isabelle Matutina
   * Projects/Organisations: Southern Tagalog Exposure
   * Topics: human rights, political repression
   * Genres: public service ads
   * Duration: 30 mins
   * Comments: RIGHTS is a series of public service ads that tackle the human rights situation in the Philippines. It was initially banned by the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) but due to public clamor and media pressure, the X-rating was lifted and the omnibus film was eventually screened. I would be willing to contribute in the discussion along with Risa.
   * Proposer: Risa Jopson
   * Projects/Organisations: Kodao Productions
   * Topics: human rights
   * Genres: documentary
   * Duration: 27 mins
   * Comments: A documentary about the extrajudicial killings of human rights lawyers.

Here's something from the Philippines also which we can add to the gender and sexuality night.

   * Title: KOMBONG
   * Projects/Organisations: Southern Tagalog Exposure
   * Topics: gender
   * Genres: documentary
   * Duration: 20 mins
   * Comments: It delves on the layers of resistance of Muslim/Moro women in the context of our country being predominantly Christian and inextricably linked to the US War on Terror.