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We'd like to make a 24-7 transmission TV stream! The stream can include:

  • 1. a playlist of material produced by T participants.
  • 2. live broadcasts.

Here are some notes on how we will do this:

automatic playlist generation

here we document how we make an automatically updating playlist of tx material

  • get all transmission material and download it onto a server somewhere. solution: use Miro?
  • autogenerating a playlist from the contents of this folder: how?

stream from the 'playlist' folder to the streaming server

here we document how we send the archive stream to the streaming server

  • use VLC?

live streams

here we document how people can make a live stream, in general but also for the txtv

  • hardware setup
  • software setup
  • VLC?

streaming server

here we document the streaming server possibilities and our setup

  • icecast2?
  • red5?
  • VLC?
  • shoutcast?

publicize the stream

here we document how people can actually watch the stream in the easiest way possible

  • http viewable?
  • viewer needs download software to view? VLC? explicit directions for how to watch

> for open source streaming you may also wish to look at : > http://en.flossmanuals.net/vlc > > there are some chapters on streaming using vlc, and then there is also > the linux audio streaming source client MuSE: > http://en.flossmanuals.net/muse > > and for Windows there is M3W: > http://en.flossmanuals.net/m3w > > and lastly, there is a basic manual on Icecast (also how to setup on > windows & linux): > http://en.flossmanuals.net/icecast

I've used uStream.tv which is a free hosted service and quite easy to use. The open source Darwin Streaming Server from Apple is also fairly easy to set up and reliable.