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This page is to take notes on feedback re: the mockups at http://www.elefanttraks.com/kc/tx/



FYI I much prefer the "light" version, the other is a bit too heavy and detracts from the content for me. I'm not entirely sure of the multicoloured logo but other than that I'm liking what I am seeing.


I agree with others about the green. too heavy. the white is better, lighter

I'm not sure about the slightly nursery styled rainbow text. i love rainbows (as you'll on see my own nascent website, http://www.zoeyoung.net) but i do feel this project needs to look as 'grown up' as possible. i kind of preferred the old logo, out of the two..

A question about how media is displayed. Are there going to be any displays or routes into finding films using keyword tags, content locations, media type etc? if not, what is the logic? Would a tag cloud or similar be helpful to give users an idea of the scope of content?

Why are the buttons for 'projects' and 'gatherings' duplicated?

Is it worth offering buttons for users to do various things they might want to know ie

  • Publish a video [link to partner sites enabling publishing]
  • Subscribe to a feed of videos [link to instructions to create feed by keyword(s), location etc]
  • making videos [link to lots of guidance like make internet tv, video in a box etc]
  • Why does Transmission exist [ie. no screwtube] etc, i.e. coming from where most visitors will be at.
  • and then another (set of) buttons to lure more 'pro' users into the specific work of the transmission network?

What list does the 'join email list' enable you to join? do we want the general public trying to join this list, or does the link take you to a page that explains the purpose of various lists? is it worth making the front page link to 'sign up' for a for 'news letter' type list instead?


I agree the green is really heavy and can tire out the eyes after a while. But the white is very plain. I'd experiment a bit with either one but try using some lighter colours for some UI elements in the green version, or the same but with darker colours for the white version.

The words "JOIN EMAIL/LIST" and in the login button are a bit difficult to read.

The pagination at the bottom could be stylized.

For the GNU Free Doc License, I think you can choose between the button or the text next to it - no need for both. Unless promoting the license itself is part of the purpose of having it there.

Other than that, nice work! I like the buttons on the bottom right corner especially.?:)


  • colors: what kris said +1
  • header: Let's see versions without the multicolor logo
  • menus: review top level nav, thinking about zoe's points
  • big buttons: review them too. ensure that if they are redundant w/top level, colors and terms match :P
  • Need RSS feed icon
  • logos of free & open projects wherever it makes sense to do so, to help promote visibility of FOSS options. So in the footer, let's use the Free Doc button, let's use the Drupal logo, and let's see if there's a good privacy logo out there yet.
  • discuss removing FB & Twitter icons. Basically, what FOSS alternatives can we promote? Crabgrass? Diaspora? etc.
  • Add language selector (will switch menu languages)
  • make 'search' 'login' 'join email list' and network tagline text easier to read
  • try something interesting w/waves radiating from the logo antenna
  • review nav (top and big button). If we are duplicating any nav, be sure the colors and terms used match up.


Really good going so far. And helpful responsive process too.

  • It seems that the quality of metadata is still insufficient to allow simple sorting by region, issue etc. Would it be helpful to use the language on the site to educate video publishers about metadata, and (more so) video publication platform managers about including more types of metadata in their feeds?

  • It seems the site lacks a 'strategy' to

1. drive content to the site, and

2. spread content from the site around the web

  • re 1., 'content in', this maybe less of an issue for now since we have a good initial range of participating video publication platforms, and our top feature request (+18!) for the new site was for 'Feed Aggregation'.

So, I suspect that as long as we develop

a. a clear policy for what kind of new feeds would be added and

b. a clear and simple process for submitting new feeds,

the 'content in' side of things seems to be reasonably sorted.

  • re 2., 'content out', the excellent new features being implemented so far seem to be

a. facility to search for videos across content from all feeds in, and

b. 'share this' buttons offering options to share individual items of content across some range of other platforms (to be decided)

However, it seems there is so far no concerted strategy to 'push' media out using a wide range of possible means, including filtered feeds of video that specific local platforms, campaign groups etc may wish to feature on their websites. Therefore

  • I have requested that the site make it easy for logged in users to

c. set up a feed of videos from a search, for easy sharing and redisplay on some other platform, [perhaps complete with html widget to display video content on sites using old CMSs?] see http://redmine.engagemedia.org/issues/1401 and

d. add metadata to a video to facilitate automated sharing of media sorted by region, issue or whatever users may choose in the future.

  • These are just some thoughts and hopes based on a view of TX less as not just another video sharing site but a model 'node' for an emerging mycelial web of media sharing; welcome all feedback, suggestions etc!