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Comparison of Video CMS Solutions

This survey currently covers the following Content Management Systems

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Name Website Developer License Modularity Programming language(s) Web server Server requirements Installation Difficulty
Ourvideo Mick Fuzz GPL Standalone PHP Any PHP
Plumi EngageMedia GPL Modular Python/Zope Any Zope/Python ... Hard

Metadata capabilities

Name Upload form questions Metadata fields added by editors Automatically added metadata Subtitle support

Title, Subtitle, Date of creation, Language, Region, Contact email, Creator, Distributor, Rights, Website contact URL, More information URL, Long Description, Keywords, Screenshot Image URL, File type, File format, File Duration, File Quality [rough bitrate indicator], Filesize, Filesize in bytes



Yes [upload a linked file for download]

Title, Description, A short summary of the content, Producer, Director, Producer's email address, Producer's address details, Project Name, Production Company, Website address, Distributor, Date produced, Long Description, Country, Genre, Topic, License, Thumbnail, Thumbnail Description, Keywords, File format, File Duration, Filesize




Feeds and formats

Name RSS1 RSS2 Atom Democracy Player compatible RSS Feeds by user Feeds by topic/tag Custom feeds Import External feeds Video hosting Upload formats Download formats Streaming formats Supported licenses
Ourvideo Yes Yes No Yes Yes Any Any None Any
Plumi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Any Any Flash FLV Creative Commons, GNU Free Document License, Custom Licenses

Community services

Name User profiles Group profiles Free tagging Tag cloud Calendar Search Blogs Contact member thru site Comments Collaborative Workspace Private members areas Buddy Lists
Ourvideo No Yes No No
Plumi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Workflow support

Name Open publishing Submitted items Configurable Workflow Access Control User Moderation - Open Editing User Notifications Video file versioning Subtitle file versioning
Ourvideo No No No No No No No No
Plumi Yes - login required Yes Yes Yes possible Yes No No


Name Videos made available on p2p networks Which networks Automatic
Plumi Yes BitTorrent Yes

Video Playback

Name Progressive Download Video Embedded Playback Embedded Playback formats Auto-Transcoding
Plumi Yes Yes mov, mp4. wmv, mpg etc. if transcoding disabled Flash/OGG

File Uploading

Name http ftp other multiple file uploads Mobile Phone uploads Other media types (audio/txt/image)
Plumi Yes no no no no yes

Additional Features

Name WYSIWYG Editor Language Support
Plumi Yes 35 languages