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Sites within the TX network where you can upload your video:

  • EngageMedia Australia/South Asia focus
  • ngvision Italia language and focus
  • v2v global, using bittorrent
  • politube global, anti-imperialist focus
  • IMC video (cept that its closed yeah?) Other indymedias worth mentioning?
  • Witness human rights video hub

Friendly sites - not in the network but sharing some similar values

  • a non-profit dedicated to being a long term storage facility with multiple locations. often slow, but solid.
  • a commercial site run by 5 young guys who started with the Videoblogging group in NYC. There is always a chnace they could sell out to a larger corporation, but they are currently committed to CC licenses and very supportive of creator's work.
  • Basically a front end to Was once very buggy and almost unusable. Now is getting better through the efforts of Markus Sandy.