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This is a list of some of the questions that Zoe has either asked herself, or been asked by others, over the three years she has been coordinating ifiwatch.tv It would be helpful if TX documentation could inter alia deal with some of these kind of issues...

maybe using FAQs for key things eg

Why Bother with Transmission tools?

Why not just use YouTube and e-mail people with the url?

and of course linking to existing help files where possible

Where can I put my organisation's film on the net complete with links to a campaign and reports?

Why should I choose one hosting site over another?

We are setting up our own online video project for our organisation's supporters so I can't see the point of spending time and effort even to understand what you're doing

I'm not techie and am not even sure who in our organisation would deal with this sort of thing, or who would make the decision to tell someone in the tech office to do it. can you give me more information in a form even an idiot like me would understand?

I want to feature video on my website but I don't know what to do, can you help me?

I want to get into vlogging, what camera should I get?

We're launching a new video - can you help us promote it?

I want to broadcast a film you have listed on our satellite channel but I don't have any money, can you give me permission?

We have a website and e-mail list to notify our subscribers when we have a new video online or on dvd, so I can't see the point of using RSS and portal sites like ifiwatch.tv

If people are interested in our videos, they can come to our website to find out about them and then subscribe to our RSS feed to get updates. So why should I be bothered about how other people are describing their videos?

We don't want our organisation's videos appearing on other groups' websites, or other groups' videos appearing on ours.

Unfortunately, the link to the film at http://www.***** seems to be broken. can you fix it or tell me what to do?

I'm not sure how useful your site would be for our purposes since it says that the language of the film is English, and we try to keep the focus on Spanish-language materials.

I'm looking for a Polish version of this film, can you help me locate it?

how do you extract video from a DVD to put it online?

I'm not techie can't work out how to upload a video, can you do it for me?

I want to use this video in teaching, do I have to get permission from the film maker or can I just use it?

I want to screen this film in my cinema, how can I download a good quality version?

I want to use some of this video in my own film but I don't have money to pay for footage, what do I do?

I have just a dial up connection, How can I get a DVD of the film I want?

I can't get video to play on my computer, and I'm not allowed to download any new software - what do i do?

What file size and format should we use for a video to go online?

What resolution should I export to?

where can I find footage about [chad cameroon pipeline, carbon trade projects, European Investment bank, insert random, faraway, expensive to get to issue here] to use in my short campaign film?

can I download a video direct from youtube?

initial answer: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2390

from someone who tried this:

'I can't make it work! :( I try to install it and the computer says Windows can't find this xpi file... '

alternative strategy: use Miro to choose the youtube video and download through there. need full instructions to do this.

that worked, leading to the question: how do I burn or transfer a copy from my Miro to someone else? They have a "send to friend" link, but it only seems to send it as a podcast...

can you create a media feed from your u-tube channels?

yes, using miro (details?)

can you create a media feed from a search of youtube?

why not just use u-tube?

a set of faqs with links on this would be helpful. eg.

- theft of copyright

– poor quality image

- archive.org offers a better same with automatic transcoding of low and hi res versions. (except for no rss feed creation as yet can you generate rss if you use archive.org? zoe to chase.)

can we replicate g8.tv subtitling functionality on our video websites?