Step by Step Guide to Adding a Feed to IFIWatch.TV

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log in

New: go here

  • click on create content
  • click on Feed for Video, docs or news
  • you don't need to enter the 'title'
  • select the feed category
    • This is usually Video but maybe Documents or Other for News
    • This is only temporary as the developer is going to get rid of it when the old content that needed this category has been moved to the new system
  • enter some keywords that will be inherited by any feed items
    • think about what tags/keywords the feed items will want, more than the feed itself. i.e. the content of the videos may be more interesting than the source of the feed they come in on.... tags are important since they will help users to find the material entering the database on the feed you add.
    • so remember: if you add tags/keywords to the parent feed they will be inherited... if there are tags on a feed item they are inherited with the item... and if you want to manually add tags you can do so by going to the edit mode on each item and adding keywords in the specified field..
  • you don't need to enter anything in body, like 'title' it is filled automatically. (if title and body do NOT fill automatically when you have added the url and clicked on 'preview', it means there is something wrong with the feed. maybe go back and check the url..)
  • now we're at Feed URL - here you enter the URL of the feed you want to add.
    • This can be any feed for Video, documentation or news
    • For example the results of a search of a video publishing site for IFI-relevant videos.
  • click on the Processors to expand it
  • If it's a video, choose video.
    • likewise if it's a feed with documentation choose docs and a feed with news items choose news.
  • then click preview at the bottom of the page
  • at this point there should be the title filled in.
    • if not there is probably a problem with the feed
    • if it is filled in remember to hit submit

deep breaths, first part done

  • once you hit submit you should be viewing the new page, across the top there are some tabs. click on map
  • For most feeds you can just follow the instructions looking at only the \/ Edit mapping section of the form
    • Title and Description are automatically mapped to Title and Body so you can ignore them.
  • For video we can almost always say (except in special odd feeds) that you want to set:
    • options->original url to field_embedded_video (video_cck_module)
    • options->tags to keywords (just near top under map to taxonomy)
    • normally you can also just go to options->raw->author and set that to field_author
  • For news and docs for now you can just do the same, but leave out the video.
  • Remember to hit update on this form

almost done

  • Now run the feed for the first time by clicking on the tab Refresh


If there are issues, it maybe that the feed doesn't have the information, or that it is in an unusual location. This is where looking at the Map section, and the 'Feed item example' will be needed.